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Music News: Cryptochrome Complete Year-Long Video Project

Earlier this year Cryptochrome released their second album, ‘More Human,’ an elaboration and enhancement of their original cyber-blasted, hip-hop and pop infused sound. And they’ve been just as eye-catching as they have been ear-catching. Along with the album a slew of high-quality videos arrived; one each month, one for every song on the album.

On December 12, the project came to a draw as they released their eleventh and final video for the song: “More Human.” The video was directed by Logi Hilmarsson who was involved in three of the previous videos. The song breaks down the things that break us down. It rallies against the forces that Anik and Una say are turning us “less and less human.” And it’s all shot in the high-res Icelandic scenery that has so many times been described as: otherworldly.

Check the video below and watch the full series here.